Tor L酶vskogen Bollingmo

I love shaping modern technology together with nice people. I鈥檝e been doing product and design for about 18 years, since the days of frames, browser hacks and web-safe fonts. Still love it. I believe good design is to better the person 鈥 in all this writing is important, clarity is important, being interested is important.

I prefer to base both product and design work on insights, from service data, user interviews, market and competitive research. Then I like to design and test assumptions with early prototypes for user testing, iterating into minimal lovable products; crafting visually pleasing and accessible designs. While doing this I prefer to collaborate with the wider team, sharing designs for feedback, adjusting and iterating on design systems.

2020 鈫


As part of the founding team of three, my focus at Midio is both in design and product strategy. I run design workshops to help shape the ever-evolving product as we rapidly iterate our product. From those collaborative sketches I create wireflows we use for prototype user testing. Later on I create the more high-fidelity visual design, and refine our design system - also making sure the design is visually accessible.

On the strategy side I help us get clarity on the growing no-code market space and how we can best position our offering. The result of this work is strategy workshops, documents and presentations about ways to think about our marketing and service jobs-to-be-done.

2020 鈫


At our freshly founded studio I do design work for a wide varity of clients. We help build startup mvp鈥檚, new iterations of services or help companies with their current product and marketing. For most projects I run initial design workshops with the client to understand their goals, and together we do user research through interviews and testing. I help teams setup design systems, or create them at the start of a new project. I鈥檓 also in charge of our process for UX and UI, and the final visual work used in production.

2019 鈫 2020


UX Design revamp and product development efficiencies; Last year in Scotland I joined Nuvven (later Coastr) to mentor design, do a deep user experience upgrade and to structure overall product efforts from design discovery, delivery and communication. Together with the CTO we improved the end-to-end process and final design of our product.

2017 鈫 2019

The Scottish Government

Leading criminal justice product strategy and design for Europe鈥檚 first four鈥揳gency digital evidence sharing platform; A service for sharing digital evidence between Police Scotland, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, Defence Agents and Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service. As the product manager I help shape the product vision and procurement, leading a team of product owners from all 4 organisations.

2015 鈫 2017


Streamlining startup with kanban, design systems and research; In charge of product, design and development. Leading a full-stack team shaping and shipping a business intelligence product. Working together with founders to research and sketch product features. Led customer research helping us understand how to productize machine learning and artificial intelligence.

2013 鈫 2015


Product modernisation, customer jobs-to-be-done, exit; In charge of product and marketing design after seed round, working together with founders to design and build new features based on customer research and prototypes, leading up to a successful exit in 2018.

2007 鈫 2013


Product design for multiple platforms; Led product design and research for a 5 product portfolio, ranging from consumer to enterprise level solutions. Helped setup an innovation lab and initiate new products.